What Sets Us Apart?

Our #1 Priority is 100% Customer Satisfaction!
We've been building fences since 2004 and have met
each customer's fence/deck/pergola needs and have gone
above and beyond their expectations.
We've got the Ratings and Reviews to back that up!

We Build Our Wooden Fences with Screws!
We know how much better the fences are when they're built using deck screws, and how much longer they
will last and hold together. Sure, we could probably save you a little bit of money, and save ourselves some
time if we used nails and air guns like the other guys do, but we believe in doing the job right and being able
to stand behind our work!

Our Exclusive Aluminum Gate Frame Design!
We have designed our own Exclusive "No Sag, Never Drag" Lightweight Aluminum Gate Frame, which we use on
all of our Wooden Fences. We guarantee that they will not sag and drag the ground! You can not, and will not
find a better design anywhere across the internet or around the globe! We Guarantee it! That's what happens
when you have someone in the field who spots a true need, and cares enough to do something about it, making
it available and affordable for those who need it! So, after many years of planning, designing, re-designing and
fabricating, this exclusive gate frame is now available to you.....and very affordable!

Imagine that, Gate Frames that will continue to
open and close like  gates are supposed to,
even after many years of use, and it's only
available right here in Santa Rosa County!

We Hand Pick Our Lumber!
We take time to individually inspect each post, rail and picket while building your fence! We just think it's worth
the extra time and effort, knowing that the end result is a fence that is visually pleasing to the eye and we know
that it's going to last much longer. No matter what type of fence we are building for you,
we only use what we believe to be the best available products.
Again, see what our customers are saying in our reviews about our
workmanship and the end result of their fences!

These are just a few of the reasons why you will want to use
Border to Border Fence Company
as Your Choice for Quality Fence Work!